Saturday, May 24, 2008


An old-time favorite game that children play has new meaning when it comes to bird viewing on the lake.

First, I have to share a picture of the sweet little duck family we’ve spotted cruising the water recently. They are so cute as they swim by and head over to the far bank, where they believe they are invisible to us.

Here’s a second type of duck—wood ducks. It’s not often that we catch a glimpse of them, so being able to get these shots was a real treat.

And now let’s play…





Kidding aside, I’ve finally seen one of the eaglets!! They are all but totally obscured by the mature leaves surrounding the nest, but I snapped some shots of them. I will download those photos and display the results soon.

For now, I’m headed out the door, not to play duck, duck, goose, but just to play in the dirt and connect with the earth.


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