Friday, September 12, 2008



it's a slow month for viewing eagles!
So while the eagles have presumably flown north to find some sumptuous salmon for supper, let's continue to set our eyes on the skies...

and the clouds...growing up, did you ever lie on the ground and look up to the sky, letting your imagination soar around the shape of the clouds?

Clouds...what do you see now?



  1. I have seen this phenomenon near Seattle too, the crows definitely raise a ruckus and are virtually fearless around the eagles. Presumably they recognize the eagle as a threat to their young, so put up kind of a pre-emptive strike. I'm newly interested in crows and their habits, and happened to meet someone who is making a film about them. If you're interested, I invite you to visit my blog and read about it:

    Happy gardening (and eagle-watching),


  2. Karen, a movie about crows sounds fascinating and I can't wait to see more about it on your blog--excellent.

    As for the crows, we have a 'family unit' of between 7 and 9 who regularly visit our yard (for craneflies and grubs-I hope anyway, since they're the bug control treatment).

    I enjoy 'birding by ear', and find these crows have unique, individual, and very interesting calls. One adult in the group is very distinctive as it sounds like it is trying to 'meow'! I like to think the reason for that is because it was raised by barn/field cats.

    Thanks for stopping by and for sharing the link to your blog.



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