Saturday, October 25, 2008


Below are two pictures I managed to quickly snap of the 'mystery bird'. I haven't seen or heard it since that day in mid-July, near sunset. The call was what drew my attention. It was a really hard, loud 'P' which slid into a softer 'hugh'. (Almost sounded like an exaggerated 'pew' as in 'church pew'.)

(left click on each picture to see it larger)

Any ideas on what this cute bird could be?



  1. Huh, no idea! Cool photos, though. Maybe a tern? Did you see the colors? I think they migrate through here around this time but I'm no expert! Thanks for the plant ID on my site, BTW!

  2. Karen,
    It was getting dark so it was really difficult to discern any significant colors when I saw it blaze by at lightening-quick speed. I was amazed the camera caught it in the field of view. Thanks for the suggestion on checking if it was a tern--I will do that.
    I really enjoy reading your blog and seeing the photos of various strip gardens. You've got a lot of good examples of what to do with a small area. The photos from your 10/25/08 posting reminded me of one of our PNW brussel-sprout-eating gardener's property. :->


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