Sunday, May 16, 2010

24 for GBBD

That's how many hours late I am for posting
for Garden Blogger Bloom Day.
But what would Jack Bauer do? What to say?

No excuses really, other than succumbing to
the sweet siren call of the beautiful weather and the garden.
Everything seems to be blooming now.

No more delays.
Let's get to some blooms.

Having just returned from Massachusetts,
I'll share with you some photos of what was in bloom there
as well as what is blooming in my yard in Washington State.
Above is a photo of one of the seemingly endless rivers of
(unopened) delicate flowers I found
in the old cemeteries in Massachusetts.

Below is a closeup of them opened.
(Please click on any of the photos to see them bigger.)

Also in Massachusetts, the Pieris is loaded with blooms.
The bees loved it!
Maybe I'll call this photo (below), 'the bee's knees'?

This sweet Aerisema sikokianum is on its way out,
but I thought I'd share this shot of him in his glory.

And am I ever a sucker for a Trillium.
I don't think I ever met one I didn't like.

Trillium grandiflorum is this one's name.
The Epimedium behind is now in bloom too.

Lilacs, also waning now, but still so fragrant.
I wish this blog had smell-o-vision.

There are dozens of other things in bloom here too...
wisteria, irises, lupine, mountain ash trees,
Armeria, Euphorbia, Columbine,
and the list goes on.

Happy Garden Blogger Bloom Day (belated)!
Visit Carol at May Dreams Gardens for links
to other GBBD posts.



  1. Wow! What a beautiful image is the two different colors of lilacs.Love them and what a wonderful fragrance. I love the B&W of the Pieris, its blooms are so fascinating. We all are spending more time outdoors now so blogging will have to lag behind. Glad I got Bilbo on the move he about wore me out LOL!

  2. I just love those first two shots ... don't the flowers look so gorgeous when they've opened! But I also have to agree with HHG ... the lilac image is so beautiful! Great post ... never mind about the delay ... you have the perfect excuse.

  3. Hi Aerie_el, Lovely bloomers. I'm glad you had a safe trip. Going places is fun but there is nothing like our own backyard.


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