Wednesday, September 15, 2010

GBBD - Sept 2010

Many thanks to Carol at May Dreams Gardens
for hosting the monthly Garden Bloggers Bloom Day.

Here are some blooms from my yard...

Cheery Cosmos

Echinacea ending

Smell-o-vision chocolate Nicotiana

Busy Bee Sedum

Amazing Astors,
bee, and spent blooms

Hardy Fuchsias hanging low

Fuchsia fuchsia

Another Hardy Fuchsia

Amaranth volunteer

Blue Bachelor's Button

Heuchera blooms with
Phlomis spent blooms in background

And because we've had such a crummy year
for growing tomatoes here,
I had to include my harvest from yesterday.
Silver Fir, black prince, yellow pear, and sungold.

Happy September GBBD!



  1. Beautiful! I am definitely growing that chocolate Nicotiana next year. And I am sooooooo jealous of your tomato harvest! Great job!

  2. aloha

    i'm enjoying touring your garden with you today, i'm really enjoying my visit. the chocolate nicotania for me is also gorgeous :)

  3. Wow. Looking at your photos and I think I'm going to die of envy. Your blooms look awesome!

  4. Did you take that tomato picture in MY garden? I have almost the same, ha-ha! Well, at least our flowers are as pretty as always, aren't they? Love your fuchsias and cosmos especially!

  5. Aerie-el, You just posted a rainbow! :-) Happy Bloom Day.

  6. I love how colorful and varied your fuchsias are.

  7. Fabulous Fuchsias and that Nicotiana looks divine! You do have some lovely blooms right now ... just love the colour of the Asters too.

  8. Aerie-el, Your cheery cosmos is stellar! Great shot and I imagine hummers all over your Fuchsia.

  9. Well, despite being a tough summer for tomatoes, it seems to have been a fabulous year for flowers. I'm starting to think that every garden should have at least one Sedum, the bees and butterflies just love it!

  10. Wait a minute. This is a meager harvest Aeriel? I think it looks fabulous. Maybe fewer than you usually have which I understand can be disappointing. What you have is great though.

    Love all your bloomers!

  11. These are a feast for my eyes. Thanks!


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