Thursday, January 6, 2011

GGW Picture This Photo Contest

I did it for the first time. I've thrown my hat, or rather one of my photographs, into the ring for the Gardening Gone Wild blog 'Picture This Photo Contest'. Check out the rules, and great tutorial on creating interesting macro shots with your point-and-shoot camera, by clicking here.

Below is my photo entry, "The Red Planet Invaded by Spiders". 
Click on the image and you can see it close up.

It was meant to evoke a visceral response from the viewer - 
cool or creepy, you decide.

What is it exactly? 
Well, spiders, obviously, inside a green glass vase. 
I set it on the Formica countertop and used a flashlight 
to play with lighting as I snapped photos. 

Below is another photo of the same family, in the same vase, 
on the same countertop, but with the light playing differently.

I look forward to seeing other photo contest entries, 
maybe yours?


P.S. Click here for a great little article on spiders. 
They are beneficial in the garden and even the home, 
so don't be afraid!


  1. Hello Ariel-el and Happy New Year to ya! It's been ages since I've popped over here...and you were one of my first blogging friends! It's great that you've sent your photo into the GGW contest. I'm thinking about it too...if I can figure out what I'll photograph! Those spiders are COOL, in my opinion (well, a bit creepy, too) but as a gardener I love spiders so how could they be anything BUT cool? I like the different lighting effects especially...and the green background adds to the coolness effect.

  2. I say they're cool! Spiders, although creepy, are such good guys in the garden. Although I'd not add widows to that- and now that I live in Redmond, OR I have to watch out for them! Nice photos, Aerie-el!

  3. Cool and creepy gets my vote. How about creepily cool? Spiders scare me, but I love them, too.

    Thanks for the inspiration. I will check out the contest, too. Fun!


  4. This is going to be a fun contest, I think I may enter one too.
    In answer to your question concerning Grosbeaks, yes we do have them stop by once in a while, they are colorful birds too.

  5. Cool photo, Aerie-el, although spiders do creep me out! I leave them alone out in the garden, despite the fact that they make webs all over that I always seem to walk into face first, because they are beneficial. But when they come into the house, they are fair game.

    Good luck on the contest!

  6. YOU are a creative one! The spiders I have indoors these days just seem to run. I don't seem to see webs. ha?

  7. Very cool. I'm a new follower. Please feel free to check out my new blog and follow me at

  8. interesting image that facilitates the mind to the mystery

  9. Not a huge spider fan but What a a great photo! you really captured the spider with your lighting!


  10. Hi Ariel-el,

    You gotta be one interesting person, judging from your name and photo. :)No one else could have participated in the contest by putting spider webs and spiders in a mason jar.

    Thanks for your compliments.

  11. Hi I am going to join also I could have sworn there was a hairy arm in the is so cool....good job

  12. Thanks so much for the link to the macro contest. It inspired me to participate! I wish I could see the gallery of other entries but the link is not working. I love close ups. Spiders are not my fave subjects, but it's a neat photo. Thanks!

  13. Hi, thanks for your comment on my competition entry. I had already seen yours on the GGW site: it's really unusual and striking. Good luck!

  14. Cool, I say! I think spiders make a great photographic subject. Your Wordless Wednesday picture is great too!

  15. I love playing with light in pictures. I often take 30 pics of the same thing and just play with angles and lighting. Those are cool AND creepy!


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