Thursday, April 7, 2011

GGW Picture This Contest - Hope Springs Eternal

The wonderful folks at Gardening Gone Wild have engaged the incredibly talented Rob Cardillo as the judge for the April 2011 Picture This Contest. The subject for the contest is Let's Talk about Light, which fascinates me to no end. The information and photographs Rob shares are insightful, educational, and inspiring.

I've taken many photographs with my simple little Panasonic DMC-ZS3, so I began sorting through them, knowing there must be one shining star that I could enter. First thing I noticed: I need to sort and file my photos so I can find them more easily! How do you organize/sort/file yours? Do you use a special feature of a program to help you do this? 
Help, I'm drowning in photos!

While poking around the in the files, I found a few in the bunch 
that I thought might be worthy of an entry.
Here are some of my runners-up.
Click on the photos to see them bigger.

 Above and Below

 Bent reed reflections


Solomon's Seal

 Winter on the lake

 Pollen on the water

 Beach sunset 
(Cape Cod, Massachusetts)

And the one I selected as my entry is below. 
I chose it because, to me, it says there is hope on the horizon. 

Hope Springs Eternal
(Cape Cod, Massachusetts)

I look forward to seeing what many of you enter for this contest!
Good luck!



  1. They are all really beautiful pictures! I love the one you chose to enter.
    I don't sort mine at all and it takes forever looking through pictures.

  2. Good luck on your submission. It really is a great shot. You could have easily had a few others entered as well. So many to pick from. I really liked the reeds too.

  3. Beautiful photos. I especially like the last one but they all show your talent for picture taking. Isn't it fun?

  4. Those are some stunning photos. Many of them are shots of water. You even have water droplets on your blog template. No wonder you felt as if you are drowning. :)

    Honestly speaking, I'm drowning in my photos as well. Drowning in bees and other insects...

  5. Amazing photos. And I love your new look!

  6. Beautiful photos! I especially love the bent reed photo. Mesmerizing. Good luck with your entry.

  7. All wonderful photos. Good luck on the contest!

  8. What fun, Aeriel! It would have been hard for me to pick from your many photos, but I believe you've chosen a wonderful entry! :-)

  9. Stunning photographs of lights on water which created beautiful reflections. You have chose well!

  10. I too like the bent reed photo. The Solomon's seal one is also beautiful - it's one of my favorite plants.

    I agree, your entry is lovely. The seagull to me symbolizes freedom. Good luck with the contest.

  11. I love the bent reed one, too! The one you chose to enter isreally neat, too. I love the perspective, looking down the pier.

    My photo are sorted chronologically, because that's how the computer downloads them off the camera, lol! I have a Mac, the photo software allows you to page through thumbnails of the albums fairly quickly. I just find the approximate date I want, then page through the thumbnails until I find the picture I want. It isn't very sophisticated, but it works for me!

  12. They are ALL stunning, Ariel! I tried to pick a favorite but could not...I love how you've described your entry 'Hope on the horizon--always'. Lovely;-)

  13. I really love the photo you chose for the contest. Very well composed.

  14. I have not seen Solomon's seal in a long time. Your photos are very lovely.

  15. Your chosen shot captures so well that combination of hope and solitude that for me defines Cape Cod (off-season of course!).
    Like a PP I have a Mac, which sorts my photos chronologically. It's also easy to give each batch a searchable name, to group them into events, and to tag individual photos. I still sometimes spend hours looking for a lost image...

  16. I love them all, but the light on the horizon is certainly a beauty. Good luck.

  17. Ahhh a fellow Seattlite! Beautiful photos. Light and water are so pretty together.

  18. Nice images. All speaking to the light. It would be hard to choose among them...

    I like that Hepatica on your front page!

  19. Aerie-el, I a just love your photographs. The sun shimmering on the lake is captivating, but your entry is truly divine in both its simplicity and the story it tells!

    Great job!

  20. Beautiful photos! The first and second one are just amazing, so pretty!


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