Saturday, September 17, 2011

Edinburgh Botanical Gardens - Garden Art

The Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh was pure joy to visit. 
There was a fundraiser exhibit going on when I was there, 
and it included sculptures (one of which was in my previous post)
of endangered species. 

The sculptures were designed, decorated, adorned with artistic flair and touches, 
by various artists to help awareness about endangered species
and to raise money via high profile 
100% of the net proceeds go directly to conservation programs.
Here are a few of those sculptures, which fascinated young and old alike.
Click on the images to see more detail.

Below are two sculptures done by another artist, whose work was on display.
These pieces were not part of the upcoming WWF auction events.

I looked online to see if they had the name of the artist, but I could not find the info on the website. 
Update: A kind volunteer at the Gardens wrote me that the artist's name is Thomas Houseago.


In the Queen Mother's Memorial Garden, there is a stone Pavilion. 
Inside, the walls are lined with shells and stones
that school children collected from the Scottish coast.

The ceiling is made up of cones from conifers 
all over the world where the Queen Mother visited.

And there is a simply lovely dedication plaque.

Should you get tired from walking the nearly 70 acres of grounds, there are plenty of places to sit. Even the benches were tastefully, artistically designed.

The foyer of the main entry building was eco-friendly 
and built with plants and people in mind.

The stairway was made of sustainable wood, 
and the ceiling baffles (the green thing at the top of the image) 
were designed based on the tissue appearance 
of a cross-section of a dissected plant.

Here's a better view...

Thanks for sharing this walk through the garden art 
at the Royal Botanical Gardens, Edinburgh.
Next time, instead of seeing plant cross-section-inspired designs, 
we'll see plants in garden designs!



  1. Hi,

    That's crazy... I've literally just been looking at my photos of the botanical gardens a few minutes ago before coming onto blotanical to look at posts from when I visited last year!

  2. How interesting. That's really cool to place all those statues throughout the gardens..very colorful. Thanks for stopping by.

  3. What a great place! Love all the animal sculptures. thanks for sharing it with us.

  4. I so enjoyed my visits this time to the gardens you highlighted. The most titillating was the lion covered in gold coins and the piano player alligator. But there were so many others.
    The British have a lock on refined, subtle garden art. Pitch perfect was the ceiling of the Queen Mum's final resting place with conifers from the countries she visited during her life. Very refined, I believe.


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