Sunday, October 25, 2015

Egads, Ghosts?

Please enjoy this repeat of a blog post from Oct 17, 2011.

It's that time of year, and I'm getting into the spirit of things
by taking a departure from my 'normal' blog post by
participating in the Blog Carnival:
True Spooks 2011: True Ghost Stories
 organized by Tui of Mental Mosaic.


Tui was recently featured on Teal Gray's radio show 
during which they and their listeners shared Ghost Stories.
Tui read my story during that special Halloween show. 
To listen to the show (aired 10/20/2015), click on the link here:

Without further ado, let's get to some paranormal talk!

My story begins with
a Closet Encounter
on Elm Street

I'd say I was between 8 and 10 years old, when this happened to me. 
I wouldn't call it a 'ghost sighting' but more an encounter with the other side. 
We had moved into a 100-year-old home on Elm Street 
in a small quaint town in Massachusetts. 
The house was huge and had lots of nooks and crannies to explore, 
especially for a curious young kid. 
Spider webs, bugs, critters, mud, nothing deterred the inquisitive spirit.

Home alone with only my Mom one day, I was on the 3rd floor (attic) exploring when I spotted a thick book up on a high shelf in one of the bedroom closets. I grabbed a ladder, climbed up, and gingerly lifted the book from the shelf and carried it down the ladder. I rested it on one of the steps and examined the aging leather-bound cover. It was a Bible, with a print date of 1833.

The book today

As I flipped it open, I found an old photo, a Daguerrotype image, of a family--a man, woman, and 2 children. Since moving into the house, I had wondered about the people who had lived there before us, and thought that these were the people. I was so excited about this discovery and of course I wanted to share it with my Mom. However, I wanted her to see how I found the book and its contents, exactly.


So I carefully placed the book back where I originally found it. I ran downstairs and as I barely contained my excitement, I shouted, "Mom, come up here and see what I found!" She immediately joined me and we went back up to the attic together, proceeding to the closet where the newly found 'treasure' was located. I climbed up the ladder, carefully removed the book, and showed it to her. I told her about the photo as I opened the Bible to show it to her. To my surprise, it was no longer there. We then looked all around the closet, even lifting floorboards to see if the photo had slipped between the cracks. That day, and for years after, I continued to look for the photo, 
but it has never been found.

The attic window

That was the first of many unexplained occurrences 
that I recall experiencing in The House on Elm Street.

Please share your experiences
of encounters of an unusual kind!

~Kit Aerie-el


  1. OOOooo I love mysterious tales of attic finds though I must say, I have a hard and fast rule-- No attics or basements after sundown, period! hahaha

  2. Oh how wonderful. What a great experience. I wish you would tell more about your occurrences. LOL!

  3. How interesting! How mysterious! Where did the photo go? And thank you for introducing me to the term "daguerreotype." Having never heard it, I had to employ Google's services. :) I love words!

  4. What a great story. Love hearing different things like this that one experiences.
    Cher Sunray Gardens

  5. Maybe, since you had been wondering who had lived there first, this was their way of popping in to let you know who they were, to answer your question. Kind of cool!

  6. Mysterious!!! Those are large leaves too, looking forward to more from the botanical garden.

  7. I told myself many times: Don't watch horror movies, Tatyana! Now, I need to tell myself: Don't read spooky blog posts!
    Just kidding! It's VERY interesting! I am so glad your Mom didn't think that you made up that story with the old photo!


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