Friday, November 15, 2013

PNW Late Autumn Visit

After spending some time in the Pacific Northwest this month, I returned to St Louis
where I was greeted by annual plants that had turned to mush.
It was quite a different story in the PNW and I have the images to prove it.

The flowers that weren't eaten by deer modeled ballet poses
in front of the Azara microphylla.
This Azara is on the list of Great Plant Picks, and definitely worth seeking out.

Here is a wider view of the Azara. 
The structure of the plant is open, airy, and delicate, 
yet it has been a sturdy plant in my garden.

The Callicarpa americana is a stunner from autumn until spring,
with its bold purple shimmering berries. 
The blueberry shrubs are showing off their fall colors in the background.

This chocolate cosmos stubbornly refused to be ignored as I walked by.

The Eryngium and California poppy brightened up the scenery on a cloudy day.

As did these red currant berries and foliage.

I spied a sweet little dragonfly resting on the spent iris foliage.

A last walk along the lake to take time to reflect upon my visit.

And then, once again, it was time to fly.

Wishing you a fantastic fall or super spring, in whichever hemisphere you live.



  1. Nice to see a post from you with your PNW pictures! Sorry all your plants back in St. Louis were mush.

  2. Thanks Alison! It's okay, I expected the mush. I've got some perennials planted that should survive another Midwest winter.

  3. It would be hard for anyone being in the PNW and ideal gardening area and then go home to our areas. :)
    Cher Sunray Gardens

  4. Cher, So very true! I have to admit that growing tomatoes, basil, and jalapenos here this summer has been very rewarding.

  5. This pictures are beautiful <3
    Im sorry for my English, Im from Poland :)
    Please invite my blog ! You're dont regret :)

  6. Beautiful photos. I love that the fuchsias hold on for so long.

  7. The PNW is certainly a different climate from St. Louie! I still want to grow Fuchsia...might have to try again.


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