Thursday, July 31, 2014

Lan Su Chinese Garden

Flash back to 2006. 
My husband and I visited 4 wonderful gardens in Portland. 
We thought we had covered some ground to do that. Ha! Not even close.
Fast forward to 2014.
The Portland Garden Bloggers Fling 2014, #GBFling14,
3 days, 17 gardens
As one of eighty eager attendees, I was thirsty for knowledge,
and soaked in every step, plant, vista, and morsel of information offered.

To begin at the beginning.
We walked from our hotel to Timber Press, 
(where I finally found Beverley Nichols books, yay!)
to the Lan Su Chinese Garden, a serene oasis set inside a bustling city.

Lan Su Chinese Garden entry, Sept 2006

Lan Su Chinese Garden entry, July 2014
Crowded with fabulous #GBFling14 attendees

Outside, a blogger is finding a perfect angle for the perfect shot.

Entering the grounds, the traditional and the modern blend harmoniously.

 And the peace and serenity beckon you forward.

Bloggers relaxing near the cool of the water.

Do you see the sad face of the rock in the shade of a weeping tree?

A beautiful, tiny Bonsai

Pretty pink water lilies

A walkway, full of patterns

Looking down while on other paths, I couldn't help but notice that 
there were so many different materials used, 
in many different ways, creating such interest.

After spending a wonderful hour within these walls, 
it was time to move on to our next garden spot.

And so we bid 
au revoir, 
for surely we will return, 
visiting the beautiful gardens, 
in our minds or in person,
within this lovely neighborhood.

Next stops.....
Cistus Nursery 
and Joy Creek.

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~ Kit Aerie-el


  1. I'm so happy to see a post from you about the Fling! I'm still bummed that I missed it, and missed a chance to say hello to you again. I do see the face in the rock. I'm looking forward to more posts form you about what you saw. I'm just lapping them up!

  2. Thanks Alison! I was so sorry you weren't able to attend. I missed visiting with you, and hope we'll be able to do so at a future Fling or visit to the PNW!


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