Sunday, September 7, 2014

Old Germantown Gardens, #GBFling14

We're continuing on Day One of the Portland Garden Bloggers Fling 2014, 
going strong, and ready to soak in more beauty and knowledge.
We were in for a treat, at the Old Germantown Gardens.

There was a beetle Bug near the driveway's island garden,
but no IPM was needed in this case.

One of the owners of the property
gave us a history and overview of the gardens.

And then we began our walk through the nearly 2-acre hillside garden.


After learning about Inulas at Joy Creek Nursery,
it was interesting to see and identify them in these gardens.

I think this is Inula magnifica,
whose leaves can grow to 3 feet. 
Janet, of The Queen Of Seaford blog, 
 was kind enough to be a hand model to show the size of this plant.

 I love the brilliance of the leaves of the honey locust against the blue sky.

It is a real focal point in the gardens.

Flowers. A favorite of mine, Eryngium, center in the distance.

I have such a fascination with fasciation.

There were so many beautiful views.

And wonderful, artful accents.

The combination of the Euphorbia and this Inula,
with their yellow and brown colors,
played off each other so well.

This beauty beckoned everyone who walked by.

Watch out, spiky plants!

Looking up at the house.

A great place to sit, don't you think?

Never mind sitting, how about this stand of bamboo?

But no more standing around now,
we're off to the Westwind Farm Studio next!

See you then!
~Kit Aerie-el


  1. Wow, what a paradise. I bet you were in awe as I am looking at your photos. Every time I see a post about the Fling I am so mad at myself for not signing up. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Grace, it really was a paradise! Don't be mad though; I bet there will be a garden tour during which you'll be able to attend many or all of the gardens another time. I'd go again!

  3. That was my yellow Beetle and I think someone did practice a little IPM as it died shortly after leaving that garden...

  4. Oh NO! Hope your sweet yellow Beetle is back to normal now Danger Garden!

  5. Nothing a "few" dollar bills couldn't handle.


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