Friday, June 5, 2009

Blazing hot sun for a Skywatch Friday

It's been blazing hot in the Seattle area this past week.
What better way to cool off than go kayaking
and take pictures as a respite from the heat!
So off I went...

Along the water's edge is a stand of trees and snags where the eagles like to sit
and scope out the water below. Often there are ducks or geese nestled below, and of course plenty of fish as well.
It is a rich hunting spot for our resident eagle family.

While paddling about, I heard a crow loudly complaining and an eagle's cry. I spotted the two in a nearby tree. At one point, they were sitting there and appeared to be ignoring one another.

Then, off hopped the crow, diving at the eagle.
I thought the eagle looked like it was flinching in this photo.
(Please click on any of the photos to see them bigger.)

Finally, the crow gave up pestering this eagle,
and flew off to amuse itself otherwise.

As my kayak photo journey was coming to an end,
I caught these other sky shots...

A slice of the moon in the crystal clear blue sky ended
that delicious slice of a day.

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  1. Perfect way to spend a hot day like we had. What great eagle shots you got! I'm glad it's cooled down, I feel like we already had summer.
    I love your new header picture!

  2. Hi there, love love the eagle shots and the moon too. What a great way to spend a hot day! Glad the cool air returned last night, phew. The plants will probably be happier too. Love your new header, that is one happy bee!

  3. Wow. Amazing photos! I take it the freak storm didn't rudely encroach upon your trip. That's good.

    I love the eagle and crow. The regal eagle just holds his ground, looking dignified, with a nanosecond flinch in response to the audacious folly of the crow. You did a fantastic job of depicting the whole scene. It must have been fun to watch.

  4. Very nice! I'm glad you survived the heat! It was much cooler today, thank goodness!

  5. Kayaking?! I am jealous! We bought kayaks but can't do anything yet without a rack for the car. Your shots are uplifting as always! Enjoy this cool break! Have you been already to my blog to pick up something?

  6. The one with the smoky clouds and contrail from hidden plane was so cool. It was a vision. Really.

  7. Nice photos! Love the bird ones. =)

  8. A nice kayaker;s eye perspective on the sky. Lovely shots.

  9. you sure do look up a lot... a fine habit for a birder. the sun blazed here today and it felt much hotter than what the experts with thermometers said it was.

  10. Wow, I'm glad I came back to catch up on your older posts, since I'd gotten so far behind. I am really enjoying your photos, and these are awesome!


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