Friday, October 16, 2009

SAGBUTT Sunday Oct 18!

The colors are splendid, even in the rain.
I took this picture at the Lake Wilderness Arboretum
just the other day when it was pouring down rain.
Imagine what it will look like when the sunbeams
break through the clouds
and shafts of light stream onto these
almost-painfully beautiful fall colors.

Please join the
Seattle Area Garden Bloggers United To Talk (SAGBUTT)
this Sunday, October 18, 2009
at the Lake Wilderness Arboretum
in Maple Valley, Washington, for a docent-led tour.
We'll meet at the Gazebo at 1 p.m. for the tour,
after which we can linger and share snacks and conversation.

Here is a link to the location:

View Larger Map

Below I've posted some photos (click on them to enlarge them)
of what your journey will look like
(minus the rain of course, since it is supposed to be nice on Sunday),
especially with some areas that people have called the 'tricky' parts.

Please note that if you have turned south off
the Maple Valley Highway, and you arrive
at the entrance to the Lake Wilderness Golf Course on the left,
you've passed the turn to the Arboretum.

This view is of Witte Road, as you approach
the left turn you will make onto SE 248th Street
to get to the Arboretum.
A right turn takes you to the Library
(which can be seen from Witte Rd.)
The Library was featured in a Seattle paper a few years ago
because of its architecture and
use of the surrounding features in nature.

This is what you will see
as you approach the Arboretum on SE 248th St.

Choose the gravel road.

This garden will be on your left
as you drive toward the gazebo and Nursery.

The gazebo is tucked back from the road;
you will pass it on your left
as you approach the parking area near the Nursery.

Park and take the short walk to meet at the gazebo.

Please leave me a comment and/or email me
if you have any questions.
Hope to see you there!



  1. Looks like a beautiful place! I've been terrible about getting to these meetings, I'll try my best to be there. Hope the sun does come out for your tour.

  2. Wish I could join in!
    Full report afterwards, please ;~D

  3. Can't be there but thanks so much for organizing, hope to read all about it soon! Never been to this place, I'll have to put it on the list - what you show is so lovely. Cool way of giving directions, I especially appreciate that as I am so often the one who has to double back after having missed a turn!

  4. PS Just posted a squib and linked to your site, hope you get a good turn-out and it doesn't rain!!

  5. Hi Aerie_el~~ Your first photo is incredible! I hope you all have a great time with sunshine and lots of laughs.

  6. A nice place... Seeing the beautiful red foliage in the first photo, really make wonder, at times leaves beat flowers at being stunningly colourful!! ~bangchik

  7. Hey there! The colors are spectacular. Wing Nut works tomorrow so I'm trying to catch a ride with another SAGBUTTEE. Put me on the "maybe" list.

  8. Woo hoo! Move me from the "maybe" list to the "attending" list--and Wing Nut will be coming too. See you tomorrow.

  9. So glad you posted that note for me. I hadn't seen this invite yet. Still catching up from travels & work. I plan to be there! Paula

  10. Hi Aerie_el,
    That looks like a beautiful place. This morning, my husband, who is the audio-visual technician at the school I work at, was telling me about a media specialist from Seattle who was in town. Her husband is a dentist and was here for a conference, so she decided to stop at our school to see our media center.

    Larry said we're invited to Seattle to see her media center. I told him, I know some bloggers who live there, and he said, "I'm sure you do." LOL I told him there is a good group of bloggers there who get together in person. I think he was impressed about that.

    Have a great SAGBUTT!

  11. I love the vibrant autumn colours. It looks lovely there - even in the rain.


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