Tuesday, October 20, 2009

SAGBUTT Sunday Sojourn

Seattle Area Garden Bloggers United To Talk (SAGBUTT)
met on Sunday at the Lake Wilderness Arboretum.
You can see in the picture below
that we were an attentive group as we began
our docent-led tour in the 'Alpine Garden.'
What were we fascinated by?

It was a fasciation fascination!
We learned that volunteers at
LWA intentionally propagate plants with this characteristic.

'For the kid in you', click on the picture below and
see if you can spot something on the tree trunk?
(It's mostly black and houses some cool mammals.)

Another one for the 'kids'...
What are these large hills?

They're ANT PALACES of course!
They are home to what are called mound, thatcher, or wood ants.
These ants are predatory and devour destructive insects
that could harm the azaleas
in the Smith-Mossman Western Azalea Garden.
There is a cute article about these type of ants
geared towards children here.

Everywhere we walked, fall was evident.

The fountain softly bubbled,
a calming and quiet spot for reflection.

As we reflected back on our tour,
we shared some snacks and garden bounty.
We spoke of gardening, future gatherings,
and even some garden blogging!

The garden bloggers above are (left to right):
Aerie-el (baseball cap worn for ID with blog profile picture),
Curmudgeon of the Weed Wackin' Wenches blog,
Paula of Petunia's Garden,
Wingnut also of the Weed Wackin' Wenches,
Molly of Life on Tiger Mountain, and
Daniel of Daniel Mount Gardens.

We missed Karen at Greenwalks
and all of you who couldn't attend this month.
Be sure to check Greenwalks,
or any of the other SAGBUTT blogs
for information on future meetings
(held the 3rd weekend of each month).
We hope that if you're in the area,
you can join us at one of them!


  1. What a fun group you are!
    I hope to visit Washington State again soon.
    I have a bat box!

  2. How nice there are so many of you that get together. We are few in number in our area....but we still get together.

  3. It's so pretty there. I love all the fall color you got to enjoy. I was home with a sick girl. One day I will be at another meeting. Glad you all had a good time.

  4. I miss it again. I think it's just too far for me. But one day, I hope I'll join you.

  5. I'm disappointed to have missed the event - I have high hopes for November!!! Great pictures, really fun. I am looking forward to getting more involved with the fine SAGBUTT folks!! I'm still puzzling over the bizarre cultivated evergreen thingy in the beginning of the post - wow! Bonnie

  6. The colors are just amazing; thanks for sharing them!

  7. Hi - what a great write-up! Makes me feel like I was there (almost). That bizarre evergreen looks like a green chantrelle mushroom! Thanks for including stuff for the kids, I can't wait to show my daughter the ant castles and bat condos.

    So sorry I couldn't be there, thanks for thinking of me a little in my absence. :) You guys are the greatest.

  8. Well, maybe I can make it to the November one. Catherine and I can do our plant thing and meet at the SAGBUTT meeting. Tatyana if I can make it from this far you can make it too. I know I'm not Seattle but down here all alone so want to come visit all of you guys. If I can manage to stay out of the hospital this next month that is. I'll try really hard so we can do some swapping!
    Now something to look forward to again.

  9. ROFL over the "fasciation fascination"--I'm a sucker for alliteration. Great pics. I'm working on our post and will have it up soon.

  10. Loved your fasciation fascination pic! It's such fun to see each blogger's take on the same outing. We finally got our post up. Thanks so much for organizing this.

  11. Hehe, well, I finally got off my sagbutt (or on it for a while in a focused manner, if you want to be more literal) and am blogging again.

    Wonderful photos and info about the ant palaces, and all. I had no idea! Those are huge ant mounds, more like what I'd expect to accidentally step into down here in Texas.

    Gosh, I love that one photo with the leaves in the foreground and the trees in the background. I hope you print that one out. It's lovely!

    Ciao for now, Bella! :)

  12. It's cool you have a nice sized group of folks who enjoy meeting together. Hey, I'm thinking your area was in the news for rain or some kind of weather event. I hope things are getting better for you.

  13. Super fun! I'm in Seattle have a gardening blog and want to hang out. How do I join your fun group?


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