Friday, November 7, 2008


With the change in seasons has come a change in birds at the Gardener's Roost. I mentioned previously that the adult bald eagles have returned to the nest.

In addition to the eagles, we've had a variety of water fowl stopping in for a night or two and traveling on to their next destination. It was fun to see 4 different type 'ducks' in our little cove all at the same time. Apparently water lilies are more than just 'weeds' and are at least a little bit useful, as the wood ducks found nourishment there; the scaups, mallards, and buffleheads also stopped by for a visit.

The cormorants are regular guests on the lake as well. I spotted this pair just before they took flight for their next stop.

It's almost like there's some 'sign' that advertises the lake as a big, open 'Holiday Inn' on the flight path to the next destination...
More pictures in another post.



  1. I saw some of those same cormorants at Greenlake the other day. One was eating a small fish! Hey, is your blog on Blotanical? If not, here's the URL - - I looked up "Gardener's Roost" but maybe you have it listed another way?

  2. ~Karen...Not yet on Blotanical--thanks for the URL. I'm going there now...


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