Wednesday, November 26, 2008


I should have thought of this topic before, when it was breast cancer awareness month and pink was THE color. But I didn't, so here it is now, perhaps extending that awareness into November and December and maybe even into the rest of the year. Really, it isn't like this disease takes a break for the other 11 months when it's not 'breast cancer awareness month'.

Here are a few of the last (various shades of) pink blossoms still in my gardens, through wind, rain, and cold temperatures ('cold' being a relative term)...

La vie en rose

Cabbage for critters

Achillea, silly ya.

Hope you're in the 'pink'!



  1. Yes .. that disease never takes a break and remembering "that" is a good thing !
    Your pink is very pretty .. i love that rose !
    Yarrow comes in some very cool colours .. different shades of pink.
    Yes .. even the cabbage .. kale? : )

  2. Love the yarrow. I have always ment to plant some, but somehow always run out of space.

  3. ~GardenJoy4Me...
    Agreed, we can't have too much awareness or research in hopes of stopping this disease sooner, more often, and eventually find a permanent cure!
    The yarrow plants I have range from white to fuchsia--really striking (most had faded when I took pictures though.)
    The cabbage was really chomped on-it's a sad sight, isn't it?
    Thanks for stopping by!
    ~Aunt Debbi/kurts mom...
    I really enjoy yarrow, but got a little carried away initially and it was in all my flower beds! I took a lot of those out, and now I'm thinking it would be fun to try an eco-lawn mix like they use at the Covington Water District. (

    If you find space to grow yarrow, and plan to use them for cut flowers, be sure to wait until after the pollen is visible or the flowers will die quickly.

    Thanks for stopping by, and keep me posted if you do plant some achillea!


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