Tuesday, January 6, 2009


The unusually cold and wintry weather this year inspired me to action. I made suet for the birds. Yes, this is the first batch I've ever made. Pretty incredible I know, where have I been that I haven't made suet before? No excuses, sirs and ma'ams. Here is a picture of it in the pan...

Of course, the suet is for the birds' nourishment, but viewing the birds gives us nourishment for the senses. So the feeders needed to be hung where we could indulge as well, which meant they needed to hang from the deck railing. Using his creative skills, Mr Woodworker made some nifty supports that fit snugly on the railing, and from which we can hang the suet feeders for maximum visibility.

With the feeders rigged for action, the suet ready for our feathered friends' consumption, we loaded and hung them with care, hoping the birds would soon be there. We waited with bated breath...when, what to our wandering eyes did appear, but one, then two, then many a bird there.

Here are a few shots of our recent visitors
(click on each picture to view in more detail)...

(seed in beak-above)

So kind of this little chickadee to oblige in a photogenic pose,
even in the absence of 'blue steel' prompting!

Here's to the birds!


  1. Wow, these shots are incredible! What is that orange-striped bird? And is that a hawk in one pic? Love the cutie-pie chickadees. My grandfather always put out suet + PB + seeds for the birds at his house. He had many avian friends, as a result! I remember him feeding chickadees out of his hand. Excited to see if the meet-up actually works - Feb. 7, 12:30, hope to see you!

  2. Aerie-el,

    I was just looking for a recipe last night for this very thing- care to share? I need all the help I can get!

  3. Karen, Thanks for the kind words on the photos. The birds are soooo cute that I'm having a hard time stopping taking pictures of them! The chickadees are so brave too; I can easily imagine them eating out of someone's hand.

    The orange bird with dark stripes is a varied thrush. I think the other guy is a song sparrow, but I'm still checking to confirm that.

    It sounds very positive for the meeting! I can't get the name you came up with out of my head...LOL!!


    Hi Tessa,
    The recipe I used was super-easy and quick. It's really just a list of 'suggested items' and quantities, sure to mean plenty of variation in every batch, which I find to be fun.

    1 part lard
    1 part crunchy peanut butter
    Heat until melted and mixed.
    Add in 1 to 3 parts cornmeal, cracked corn, and whatever else you like for dried fruit and nuts. I added oiled sunflower seeds, birdseed mix, peanuts, dried currants and blueberries.
    Check out this website for more recipe ideas:
    Have fun making yours!


  4. Aerie-el,

    Thanks! I'll give it a shot.

  5. Great photos of those hard to catch birds. I would be spending all of my time watching them! Thanks for the idea and the recipe.

  6. Thanks P.G.! If my yard wasn't flooded, I'd be smooshing some suet into the knotholes of trees. Doesn't that sound like fun for kids of all ages?
    See you on the 7th!

  7. Wow, wow, wow Aerie-el. Gorgeous photos!!! I have never made suet either, but now maybe I will. The birdies are all just so adorable! Thanks for posting the recipe, too.

  8. Gen, You can do it! Once you put the suet out, you'll be amazed at the birds you have that you may not have seen much of before. For instance, that was the first time in a LONG while that we've seen a thrush or the towhees. Talk about live entertainment-way fun and educational for us!

  9. Gorgeous bird pix! I love the varied thrush shot. It really looks like she's posing for the camera!


  10. Thanks Tui! I've read that the varied thrush is supposedly 'common' in this area, but I have only seen them twice in the 6 years we've been here. I was so glad I had the camera 'at the ready' to snap her pose!

  11. Hi Miss Aerie-el,
    I loved your Christmas card. Now I can enjoy your blog! What camera do you use? Nooch sends his regards. K

  12. Hi Katherine!
    Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. You should come visit us...but maybe when the weather is better, like after July 4 (that's a Seattle joke/poke).

    I usually use my Canon PowerShot S2IS. I've had it for a couple years and like it--easy shots, good zoom, decent macro, and good image stabilizer. I also have (our old) Canon PowerShot G3 mounted on the scope, mostly for the eagle shots.

    Email me sometime at gardeners.roost(at)gmail(dot)com and we can catch up!



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