Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Garden Tour in Seattle neighborhood

It's the Garden Tour time of year here in the Pacific Northwest--hooray! 
I recently went on the Lake Forest Park Secret Garden tour.
I asked at each garden if it was okay to take photographs, 
and they all graciously said yes, so I snapped away. 
Please enter here:

What do you think of the pruning on this English laurel?

The use of various types of grasses was like artwork.

And then there was some beautiful garden art...

The birdhouses and containers were art,
beautifully enhancing each other and each area.

I wonder if I could make one like this above,
and not have it weigh a ton because I used too much concrete?

There were lovely little places to sit and reflect...

How clever is this (above)? 
I may not be able to make the birdhouse, 
but I bet I could make a chair like this!

I want this container. 
Okay, not THIS container, but one like it.
Anyone know where one could find one?

Here are two pictures of a garden on the tour that reminded me 
of Butchart Gardens in Vancouver, B.C.

 Some gardens had small houses in their gardens.

This one was for the 'girls'.
I want chickens. 
Maybe next year if I don't need to travel as much.

At one point we gathered to view...

No, I don't want goats, even though they are good 
at taking care of those pesky blackberry bushes.
Here's a closeup of that sweet bearded face.

Two final floral photos and we're done on this tour.

I wonder if this is how insects see these flowers?

Until next time,
Happy gardening and garden touring!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Wordless Wednesday - Pollen assault

Ah-choo. The pollen assault is in full force on Cape Cod
on this (almost) Wordless Wednesday.