Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Wordless Wednesday - blooms and bees

(Please click on any image to see it larger)

Voodoo Lily
(in a friend's garden)


Styrax japonicus


Rose Campion

Campanula with visitor



Iris with bee

Friday, June 11, 2010

Skywatch Friday - June skies

The picture, above, was taken last week.
With the sky colors and the tree leaves showing their underside,
I thought it looked like an autumn storm.
Trust me, this is June, as in almost-summer
in the northern hemisphere.
Hard to believe, but true.

Today's skies are marginally better.
You see BLUE in the sky in the picture above,
taken today.
Does this photo remind you of
the opening of the television show,
'The Simpsons'?

And above is a shot of one of our
majestic resident adult bald eagles.

None of you have probably done this,
but I took this shot with
my macro zoom selected,
because I forgot to UNselect it.
Macro-zoom from 30 feet away. Argh.
is the name of this picture,
but I think the eagle is still beautiful.

I also wanted to let you know
what type spiders those were in the clusters
in this Wordless Wednesday post.
I believe they are called 'garden spiders'!
For more info on them,
check out this website,
and this one too.

May all your skies be good ones this weekend!
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