Sunday, October 13, 2013

Summer Sunflowers and Pollintors

During every phase of their lifespan,
they served a purpose.

The bud of a beauty. The promise of much to come.

Summer sunflowers attracted plenty of pollinators.

Sunny, bright, nourishing flowers.

They are bursts of brightness in the landscape.

They began as volunteers beneath the bird feeders.
As they grew, the stalks were roosts for the birds
as they waited for a turn at the feeders.
Even the squirrels climbed the sturdy stalks,
jumping from them in attempts to land on the feeders.
The flowers attracted pollinators, many at one time.
Then the flowers morphed into seed heads.
The goldfinches and other birds found nourishment in the seed. 
And now the compost bin will benefit from their decomposition.
Life cycles in nature couldn't be simpler, or more complex.
Thank you sunflowers.
Thank you Nature.