Friday, June 26, 2015

Bella Madrona visit - Garden Bloggers Fling 2014

Hello dear blog readers!
It's been some time since we last met.
The schedule has been tough to carve out writing and editing time,
but inspiration abounds after reading so many of your blogs.

Garden blogs have been a-buzz
with details about the Garden Bloggers Fling 2015 in Toronto, Canada. 
All those wonderful posts have me looking back at the hundreds of pictures I took
at last year's #GBFling14 in Portland.

The Portland Fling ended on a magical note, with a visit to
the private garden of Bella Madrona,
where every turn of the 5 sprawling acres had 
beauty, whimsy, and lovely vignettes.

Upon entering the gardens, seating areas beckoned one to sit, enjoy, relax.
As I looked through my photos of this garden, a theme emerged-- 
the owners had thoughtfully placed a wonderful variety of seating 
wherever the visitor might enjoy a respite to enjoy the scenery,
rest, visit, and enjoy a beverage.

And then there was
the whimsy.......

sheer beauty......

As we embarked upon the final Fling journey back to the hotel,
we took with us the memories of friendships made,
treasures found, and an unforgettable weekend.

With many thanks to all the organizers of the Portland Fling 2014.
And a wish to all of you, that your summer or winter,
depending on your hemisphere,
is a wonderful one!

~Kit Aerie-el