Friday, February 22, 2008


This week has been wonderful for eagle viewing. The two eagles have been active at the nest nightly, at just about sunset. They arrive, each carrying a branch. Then the process of finding a suitable spot for each to…nest. They carefully place the branch, move back and evaluate the location. Often they’ll pick up and place the branch in another and another nook or cranny until, sometimes an hour later, they are satisfied. Then they perch, seeming to admire their craftsmanship.

We’ve recently gotten a new spotting scope thru which to take photographs. I’m still learning to use it effectively, so the first shots have been a little fuzzy. Even so, I thought it would be fun to post this shot of the two as they sat together at the top of a tree.

The eagle behavior suggests the eggs are not yet in the nest. Otherwise one eagle would remain on it at all times. I’ll be looking for that telltale sign in the next month or so.


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