Thursday, March 6, 2008


Why did the eagle roost on the tree limb alone?
Because the other eagle was bringing home ‘take-out’ (dinner).

One eagle (on the left) looks on as the other feeds (visible just to the right on the nest)

It was about an hour before sunset and I looked outside to see one of the bald eagles flying fairly low over the lake and then land on the limb of a tree a not too far from me. I was going to get the camera with the scope to see if I might get some really good close-ups, but there was a tree branch in front of the eagle so I knew I wouldn’t get a clear shot. I also decided I’d wait a little bit to see what the eagle did. Not more than a couple minutes later I saw the other eagle flying straight, steady, and with a purpose, towards the nest. I grabbed the binoculars and saw why. In the talons was dinner…what looked to be a ‘super-sized’ portion. As the eagle landed on the nest, you could almost hear it call out, ‘honey, I’m home, and I’ve got take-out!’ Just about that time, the other eagle swooped up into the nest, eager to feed. What a sight it was to see them scooching side to side in the confined space of the nest, as they had a lovely dinner for two.


  1. I had never thought about how eagles dealt with that while sitting on eggs. It's great how you get to watch them in their daily lives. It's like an eagle reality show over there!

  2. It has been fascinating to learn about and watch eagle behavior from the time they are just a 'twinkle in their parents' eyes' to maturity. The saga continues...with our rapt (or should I say raptor??) attention.


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