Monday, April 7, 2008


The wild weather continues here in the PNW, which should be no surprise to any of those who have lived here for a while. Last week, for about five days straight, we had so much hail that it looked like snow piled high. The roads were crummy, the plants were covered in it, and it seemed that everything in nature took a little siesta. But last night, the thunderstorms boomed and the clouds roared by faster than driving that Beemer on the autobahn. The clouds, rain, and bit of clear sunshine resulted in a most beautiful double rainbow.

The eagle’s head was easily visible with the backdrop of dark clouds.

Eagle flying among cormorants

It seems that the storm cleared the air and made way for everything to return anew. This morning the robins were singing just as day broke, the hummingbirds are draining the feeders as fast as I can refill them, and the cormorants have returned en masse to fish in the newly stocked lake.

Yes, spring really is here—hooray!


  1. What a great h-bird photo! I miss those little guys and look forward to seeing and hearing them when I'm back in the states.

    p.s. For some reason the eagle/cormorant photo won't load for me. Is it working for you?

  2. Thanks for the feedback--really appreciate it, as always.

    Sorry the picture isn't loading for you. I'm not sure why that happens. I will remove and repost it to see if that helps.
    It seems to work for me okay.

    The hummers are back in force now. Unfortunately, carpenter ants have taken over the window feeders. So we have to seek and destroy their nest (if it's in our house), and reclaim the feeders for the h-birds.


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