Wednesday, June 4, 2008


I have a couple more notes to add regarding the ‘Tomatoes!’ post.

I want to pass along a link to Master Gardener Fact Sheet # 38: Tomato Problems. This article is tailored specifically to the Pacific Northwest, however many of the problems aren’t exclusive to this region. So if you’re from another part of the country, you will still find this fact sheet informative.
Tomato problems:

A fantastic source of information for anyone anywhere in the country that has (or wants) healthy plants growing on their property will find the fact sheet on ‘Soil Testing and Soil Improvement’ extremely informative. This fact sheet lists places to get soil testing done, and includes my alma mater, University of Massachusetts (yea!), as a great resource.
Soil Testing:

There are plenty of other great fact sheets at this link:

On a random note, here are two pictures I took last year of a leafcutter bee going into its nest in a railroad tie.

A shot of the bee going into the nest, circled above. Close-up of the bee below.

Leafcutter bees are native to the western US, important pollinators, and don’t do significant damage to plants so there is no need to treat for that. Read some fascinating facts about these important insects at:

Happy birding, gardening, and reading!


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