Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Given the incident with the hawk and crows the other day, I thought it appropriate to post some photos of the crows going after one of the adult bald eagles last month.

The eagle was just sitting in the tree, minding its own business, looking around for a morsel or two to eat when the crows started attack it.

Although this is only a partial shot (below) of the bald eagle being chased by a crow, it seemed they were flying together in formation, not at odds with each other.

Me and Mini-Me?

Here’s a picture of the juvenile after it had flown. S/he walked up and down the log, venturing to lean over for a few sips of water.

And lastly, talk about eagle eyes.

Signing off from the Gardener's Roost, until next time...


  1. Yeah, those crows can be tenacious! I know a woman who is often chased by crows. She is always kind to animals, but a Native American pal told her it was because she had such strong Eagle energy in her. Who knows? I thought she was exaggerating until I saw it for myself. Crows just do NOT like her! I should try to get a photo of it if I ever get the chance... Ciao!

  2. Crows, smart and tenacious, but do they taste bad? as in to 'eat crow'. Interesting reading at: http://www.birds.cornell.edu/

    That poor woman being chased by crows. Those beaks are something I'd want to stay far, far away from!

    Thanks for stopping by and sharing!



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