Thursday, January 8, 2009


First it was snow...

Then it began to melt...

Then the rains began...

We are still a few feet from being flooded,
and the waters are expected to recede, so we are safe.

We are thinking of all those who have had to evacuate
and hoping for their safety.



  1. Ackkk that is just way to close for comfort. School was called off today here cause half the town had to be evacuated due to flooding. I swear it is only January but I've already had my fill of weird winter weather! I'm glad you are safe. That is a great photo series showing the water's progress! Kim

  2. Crazy weather. I thought floods happen more in Spring. Near escape there. Too close. Great pics :-)

  3. Kim,

    I hope, hope, hope that you didn't have to evacuate, and all is well on the farm there!

    While it's nice to have 4 seasons, I prefer them to be spread more evenly throughout the 12 months...argh. :-/


    It really is crazy. We're hoping that the locusts won't be next...


  4. Oh, too scary! Hope you stay high and dry. So sick of this crazy weather! I agree, what next?!!?!

  5. I am thinking.... This is not good.


  6. But did you have more grasshoppers than usual this past summer? We noticed them like never before!

    I hope you see it going down now! Not fun to watch it come up like that.

  7. And here I thought you only had to deal with bone-numbing cold in winter! You have to deal with floods too?!
    That second photo is mind-blowingly stunning! So is the first in a stark kind of way. Now the floodwaters are something we get to deal with every year when the monsoons settle in.
    Stay safe, okay?

  8. I think you faved me. Thanks. Sorry about the flooding. Too much can be as bad or "worser" than too little.

  9. Great photo essay! That progression of photos would look nifty in a series of frames next to each other. Talk about a picture telling a story...

    Were you tempted to fish from your window? Looks like you could have!

    Glad the water is backing away now...

    Did you notice in the cold weather that birds which usually ignore the suet feeders are suddenly eating them? We had towhees and juncos eating suet, and they had never done so before.


  10. p.s. Forgot to mention earlier that I love your new header! :) (Hehe, well it's new to me, anyway...)

  11. I hope things are going well for you and yours. We lucked out here, in my part of the Seattle area. My thoughts and prayers are with you all.

  12. Thanks everyone for the comments and positive vibes you sent this way. It worked in our little patch of property, as the lake is receding. This is a huge and welcome change!!

  13. Oh Aerie-el! I had no idea you were having this problem. I haven't been paying attention, obviously. I hope it doesn't go in your house AT ALL. It is such a mess to clean up & can do so much damage.
    I certainly hope things are better by now...since it's been almost a week since you wrote the post:(

  14. Thanks Jan! For stopping by, good thoughts, and positive words.

    We were so thankful the water didn't breach the house. Things are definitely looking up this week and the water has receded to 'safe' levels.

    I received seed catalogs the other day and I'm dreaming of spring...:)
    How about you? (I'm going to pop over to your blog now, and see what' new with you.)



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