Wednesday, April 21, 2010


I've had the hardest time with this.
I struggled and procrastinated.
But the deadline is looming.
What to choose.
ARGH, how to pick just one?
All right, if I must I must.
Here is my selection for entry into the
Gardening Gone Wild
Picture This Contest-April 2010

The Green World

There are rules.
I have followed them.
I think.
It's my first time after all.
I hope I didn't make any mistakes.
I hope I chose wisely.

What happens next is up to the JUDGE, Rob Cardillo.
Click this to see his newly designed website.
It's absolutely beautiful and inspiring.



  1. Hi Aerie-el...long time no visit! Lovely...actually, 'beautiful' shot!! Hope you are well these days;-) Hard to keep in touch with so many bloggers now and spring is here & so much to do! Good luck & glad you entered. It's about my 3rd time, I think...but I'm almost always the very last one to get my post in!

  2. Aerie-el that is just a gorgeous picture. I sure hope you place. I've not yet found the nerve (or the right picture for the right subject) to enter yet. LOL

  3. Very pretty photo, Aerie-el! Hasn't this been an early Green Spring? Thanks for sharing your entry!

  4. Hi Aerie-el, It looks to me like you've done everything correct. Your photo is just mesmerizing! How could it not win? My fingers are crossed.

  5. It's a beautiful shot ... creates such a feeling of tranquility. Best of luck with your entry.

  6. Hi Aerie-el,
    I am reading from my blogroll, trying to catch up on some of the blogs I like. This photo is awesome! I'd love to go to that peaceful area.

    I hope you are having a great spring. We're having a coldish one so far.

  7. This is quite stunning! The landscape is serene and you really hit the lighting at a prime moment. It really makes the green of the trees pop out. I say "beautiful!"


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