Thursday, January 20, 2011

Calm before the next storm

So the weather reports have wicked weather 
headed our direction, yet again. 
I took the opportunity to photo a cranberry bog today 
while the getting was good,  so to speak.
(Be sure to click on the images to see them better.)

I liked the contrast of the bare trees, the evergreens,
sliver of blue water,
and cranberry bog in this photo above.

Real or reflection?  

Focal point - blade of grass.

Sooo, on a totally different, random topic...
I was out picking up my dry-cleaning and
a car pulled into the spot next to me. 
I was taken aback when the car jumped the curb
while straddling 2 parking spaces. 

Stay safe out there, everyone!


  1. Oooh, a cranberry bog. That is sooo cool.

  2. Wow. Stupid drivers everywhere, eh?

    Love the photos of the cranberry bog :D

  3. How rude!

    But, on a brighter note, your cranberry pictures are awesome! Only new there are cranberries down Cape Cod, but now I know they grow in more places. :)
    So, you're a MA girl? Fun, saw your Red Sox hat, and, thanks for sweet comments.

    Also saw your spider shots, those are great, and a bit creepy. It's living amongst a bunch of skeletons. I love it.

    And, good luck to you in the competition!


  4. Aerie-el, Mr. Shady and I visited cranberry bogs in Wisconsin a couple of years ago. It was so much fun! You have brought back some good memories.

    Ach! Glad you were unhurt in the parking episode!

  5. Your photos are the best and so glad you have finally started to submit them in contests! I especially like the "real or reflection" one. Hope to see you soon.
    Hugs - Your MV friend

  6. I have never seen a cranberry bog. It looks really pretty with all those great colors. Pretty photos!
    Also, thanks for visiting my blog and your comment.
    That is a creative photo with the spiders. At first I didn't know what they were....that's what makes it interesting. :)

  7. Obviously, some people get their drivers' licences from a crackerjack box! The cranberry bog photos are exquisite--drenched in colour. Love that last one with the blade of grass, especially.

  8. beautiful pictures!!! follow your blog from now on =)

  9. I love your pictures! They are so vibrant. Definitly put a smile on my face on a gloomy, cold day.

  10. cool pictures. How did you make them?

  11. Rude and scary. What a contrast to the beautiful scenery in the earlier photos. Stay safe.


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