Monday, October 13, 2014

Westwind Farm Studio - #GBFling14

We departed the Old Germantown Gardens
(if you missed it, please click here to see that post)
for our final garden tour of day 1 of the Garden Bloggers Fling #GBFling14:
Westwind Farm Studio.

The hills were alive with music, lavender,
and bloggers making their way to the main home and gardens!

Gathering in the shade for some refreshments and

a short talk by John Greenlee about the history of the property,
and the transformation to make it an attractive setting for wildlife.
The time flew by, and it seemed there was little time to meet and visit
with other bloggers. But I was so pleased to have met three
of those pictured above. They are
Lisa of Descubriendo hojas,
Pam Penick of Digging, and Penick Landscape Design,
and Kristin of That Bloomin' Garden and Ladner Community Garden.

Then we all set out to wander acres of beauty.

I loved the combination of Monarda and grasses.
Some of the other Garden Bloggers published some great shots
of bees and hummingbirds that were attracted to the Monarda flowers,
however I only got one little bee coming in for a landing in the middle shot above.

Speaking of grasses, the golden seed heads were spectacular against the sky.

The home was nestled with plants, giving it a one-with-nature look.

I love cattails. It was fun to see them growing here.
To read about native cattails, click here.

Approaching the walk up to the greenhouse,
large swaths of plants dwarfed the people nearby.

The stairs to the greenhouse were tucked into a sea of colors.

Inside the greenhouse there was a gorgeous variety of plants.

The yoga/exercise/guest house was so inviting.

From the other side of the partition,
you could feel any stress melt away.
The structure was so organic.

One of the views from the yoga house above,
and another below.

Exiting, the views continue....

Many bloggers took advantage of the pool's cool water
on the blisteringly hot day.

A simple but elegant entry garden to the front door
was beautiful and welcoming.

But the time had come to depart, and we did so,
with one last gaze over the meadows and valley.

  I look forward to sharing posts of Day 2 garden tours
the Portland Japanese Garden,
International Rose Test Garden,
McMenamins Kennedy School,
Danger Garden,
JJ De Sousa Garden,
and Chickadee Gardens.

Until then, Happy gardening to you!

~Kit Aerie-el


  1. One of my favorites~If I had to choose one. Beautiful photographs!

  2. Thanks Gail! It was one of mine too!

  3. Nice job of capturing the spirit of this garden, so different from most. So many gardeners made it impossible to connect with all during that three day stint. Happy to connect with you here.

  4. Thank you Ricki! Thanks so much for stopping by to comment and connect. That weekend flew by, too quickly!

  5. Lovely photos -- particularly that shot of the Stipa gigantea from below. Wow! I love revisiting the events of this summer as the posts keep coming... maybe I'll write mine up soon, too!

  6. Thank you katushka! I'll look forward to reading yours!

  7. Wow! you got beautiful pictures! the view from the yoga house is so relaxing!! I was very happy to meet you too :) thanks for the picture in which I am listening to John Greenlee, it proves I was there! and thanks for the link to my blog!

  8. Thank you Lisa! I look forward to seeing more of your fabulous photos and blog posts!

  9. Really an exceptionally beautiful place. You capture it well - like going back for a second visit.

  10. The best thing about this place was how it just faded into the surrounding fields. I love that. :)


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