Sunday, November 2, 2014

Portland Japanese Garden - #GBFling14

You walk up a gently rising path though old cedars and lush green vegetation
to gain entrance to the 5+ acres of peace and tranquility

This Garden almost overwhelms the senses, in a most sublime way,
from the moment you step through the entryway. 

The Garden includes three main elements: stone, water, and plants.
Simple, right?
No, not even close to simple when you learn more about
the meaning of the designs, 
of each stone, sculpture, water feature, and plant. 
There are so many layers and meanings, 
but it really boils down to giving you that feeling,
a feeling of one with nature, a part of this incredible planet,
from the paths you walk to the landscape that surrounds you to the canopy above.

The following are some of the images (click on them to view them larger)
 I captured during that hot, sunny, summer day in July.
Please take your time, and soak in what you can from these shots.
Even better, make a visit, and gain your own peace within.


Look beneath your feet, and you will also find interesting textures
and combinations of materials.

Shadow Play
Do you see a face in the shadows above,
or perhaps something else?

This is probably one of the most photographed trees in the Garden. 
There was a constant flow of people photographing it from outside, 
and in.

And now, one last look from the Japanese Garden of Portland and Mount Hood,
and we're off to visit the International Rose Test Garden next!

Until next time, 
I wish you many happy garden visits and memories.

~Kit Aerie-el


  1. I love all the interesting and dfferent hardscape choices there. It's such a mellow garden.

  2. Beautiful memories! I did see a face in the shadows. Fabulous photography. :o)

  3. One of my favorite places in all of Portland! It's so true that the minute you walk in, it's as if any cares you had just melt away and you are drawn into the serenity that only nature can provide. Thanks for taking us back to this beautiful place, Kit.

  4. Beautiful photos of a beautiful garden. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Great review of the Japanese Garden in Portland. Your images of the Japanese Maple and stone paths were especially nice.

  6. You got wonderful photos of this, and the rose garden. I never did get the right shot of that gorgeous old Japanese Maple, though I tried and tried.

    Yours turned out great. I am imagining how it must look in a blaze of fall color.

    Happy memories.


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