Monday, January 21, 2008

Am I In Green Bay?

It's another gorgeous day in the Pacific Northwest, but wait (blink), is this truly the PNW or is it really Green Bay? The temperatures have dipped below freezing and everything has a coat of white frost and looks like a winter wonderland. It's one of those days, so crisp and clear that it beckons you to come outside and indulge. So, out you go. The hairs in your nose freeze when you breathe; as you walk, everything crunches; the wind cuts through you like a knife.

These are perfect conditions for those bulbs that were put into the ground in the fall (or maybe some that were just put to bed a month ago--oops), to give them what they need in order to explode into their spring displays.
This picture was not taken in Green Bay, but rather at the Tulip Festival in LaConner, WA in April 2007. I only wished my gardens looked like that!

Well, that is 'gardener' part of the Gardener's Roost observations. As for the 'roost'...I've seen at least 4 different types of water fowl on the lake this morning, and the pair of bald eagles on their nest. I'd be hard pressed to say which of the water fowl is my favorite, but the buffleheads have to be right up there at the top of my list. They are so cute! Check them out at:

More on the eagles next time. For now, I need to get a big cup o'coffee and warm up!



  1. Crisp winter air is so refreshing, somehow.

    Speaking of the Tulip fest, I've always thought it would be fun to fly over in a plane and see all those swathes of color from the air.

    I'd also like to hit up the Redneck Fest there sometime. I hear that Tom Robbins presides and that it's a real hoot!

    Ciao! :)

  2. Redneck Fest? Sounds like a 'must attend' event! Whoopee, can't wait.


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