Thursday, January 24, 2008

Walking on Thin Ice

Like so much of the country, it’s been unseasonably cold here this month. The lake is almost frozen over, which is quite an unusual sight. It seems even the ducks are surprised by that, as they circle around a few extra times before landing. When they do land, they take a swim around the lake perimeter, slowing to bob up and down as they snatch some tasty morsels, perhaps some snails or maybe some greens. Once they finish, they gravitate to solid ground, ahem, ice. They obliviously walk on thin ice, carefree as to whether it will break under them. What tough critters, as they stand on the ice for hours, like a cute little Cabela’s store window display. (*topnav*CabelasLogo)

Farewell for now, my fine-feathered-friends!


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