Monday, September 22, 2008


While in Massachusetts, I managed to make it to a couple beaches.
Check out the lifeguard at Nauset Beach (below)...

Below are two different beaches at sunset...missing are the bugs and mosquitoes in these shots.

At sunset, Gray's Beach (above) always looks like some exotic, foreign locale to me.

Foreign to us in the Pacific Northwest (PNW) are a couple of birds that I captured on film. Above is a shot of the Baltimore oriole (looks like a towhee, doesn't it?) and below is a picture of a bright red cardinal.

See more information about the spotted towhee and Baltimore oriole at these two websites:
Spotted Towhee
Baltimore oriole

The last picture for this post is a bird we also see here in the PNW, the osprey.

So with summer but a memory and autumn having arrived, I guess it is that time to get back out to do the fall cleanup in the gardens, and enjoy viewing another migration of various birds once again...



  1. Yup - my first thought was "towhee" not "oriole." Guess that goes to show which coast of the US I frequent the most! I have a soft spot for towhees. One used to hang around in a lilac bush just outside my kitchen. He'd stare right in at me, as though curious. Adorable!

    Anyway - love, love, love the photos, as always! :)


  2. Tui, that's cool that you had a towhee buddy!

    I've been seeing lots of spotted towhees around here lately, which is when it hit me that the two different birds look quite similar. They, and the cardinal, are a welcome splash of color, no matter if there are blue or gray skies!


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