Tuesday, September 30, 2008


I admit it, I have weeds. Weeds everywhere. The bunny weed control device can only do so much, and it doesn't seem to be very interested in either the weeds along the lake or the water weeds (gee whiz, why not?) So in the interest of coming clean about weeds, here are a couple that are really pretty, but can become invasive.

First, the Potentilla palustris, aka march or purple cinquefoil. It is pretty, don't you think?

Potentilla Palustris flower (above)
plant (below)

According to a botanist friend, Potentilla palustris is an invasive pest, so removing it it a good thing. Check out this official website for more information:

Next, the fragrant water lily (white and pink). Yup, these babies belong in self-contained ponds, not our lakes. This website has some good information on them:
fragrant water lily

water lily

Honey bee on lily pad?? Thought there was supposed to be frog there!

Houston, we have take-off

For identification of weeds, lists of plants or seeds that are prohibited in Washington, or any other weed into, check out the Washington State Noxious Weed Control Board website.

Instead of invasive plants, I'll leave you with a burst of positive sunshine, courtesy of a cosmos...



  1. I love your photos, especially how you can see the water bending from the wind off the bee's wings!


  2. Thanks, Tui, it's the bees knees...okay, maybe that's just a fun thing to say!

  3. Lol! Who's to say, bees knees are probably stronger than mine... ;P

    Have you though about making a postcard out of that flower photo? It just glows!


  4. You just may see it on a card near you sometime in the future :->

    Thanks again for stopping by!



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