Saturday, October 4, 2008


I love having a vegetable garden. I want to expand it. The only issue I have is that a vegetable garden requires regular attention. For that to occur, one needs to be home to do so. Mind you, I'm not complaining about my schedule, but it does affect my gardening.

So this year I put tomatoes into pots, planted some radishes, cabbage, broccoli, lettuce, and garlic in the veggie garden. When I was gone for more than a couple days, family or friends were able to water the plants (thank you!).

Here are some pictures of the fruits of my labor in the garden.

The other night I made salad for dinner. I used freshly cut lettuce from the garden and tomatoes picked ripe off the vines. Aside from the bonus of saving on the food budget, it was so satisfying to be able to make a meal of food grown right at home.

When the timing is right, I will expand the garden and look forward to sharing the produce with friends, family, and food banks.

Happy gardening!


  1. Great that you are getting started with edibles! Sometimes just doing a bit is enough, especially if your schedule doesn't permit regular watering. It's so satisfying to eat your own produce, which for me is sometimes just limited to a snip of herbs or a couple of flowers in the salad. Still makes me happy, though!

  2. I find it almost spiritual to work with the earth, and have really enjoyed eating produce that you can't find everywhere (like the yummy sungold tomatoes).
    I haven't really used flowers in my salad before though. Which flowers do you use for yours?

  3. I miss gardening... Kinda hard when you're always moving, as I have been. But I really miss it and have been enjoying your garden vicariously. :)

    Speaking of edible flowers (versus poisonous ones, of which there are some, such as daffodil) I used to enjoy putting orange Calendula petals and blue Borage blossoms in my salads. The Borage blossoms taste a little like cucumber.


  4. Tui,
    Glad you've been enjoying the garden produce!

    Flowers in a salad or to add to the presentation of the meal are so pretty. I need to try that more. Thanks for the suggestions!

    Wishing you good luck with settling down for a spell!



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