Saturday, December 20, 2008


Morning has broken...

Seattle's Puget Sound and many parts of the Pacific Northwest are bracing for the worst storm in decades to hit tonight. People who could stay home have done so for days now (me included) because the roads were so icy and slick. However, today the masses were out shopping for supplies and Christmas gifts, so it was tough to find a vacant spot in any parking lots.

Nothing says 'winter' like warmers...

Who knows if, I mean, when the power will go out, so I thought that while I have the opportunity I'd post a few photos of what things looked like today, when it was sunny, crisp, cold, and clear.

Does this say 'cold'?

And so the line is drawn, and round 3 begins...

For all of you experiencing wild and wacky weather all across the country,
please stay safe, and I'll hope to see you back here soon.



  1. Thanks for commenting on my blog. I love your pictures, and will be back to visit.

  2. Thanks for your comments too!
    I'll be back to visit your blog soon.


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