Thursday, December 18, 2008


Here's what it looked like not long ago...
(click on the image to see the snowflakes falling)

Do you think my hardy fuchsias will survive this extended arctic weather?

Somehow I think this blackberry bush will survive.

Ice crystals...
(click on the image and you can almost hear the ice forming)

Wherever you are, stay safe and warm!


  1. Oh man, what a crazy weather week! Did you hear the winter thunderstorm at 6am this morning? Nutso! I'm super worried about a lot my plants too. I've had hardy fuschias die off but maybe they were sited poorly (likely). Good luck and hope you stay safe and warm too!

  2. No kidding, Karen. Its thundersnow in Seattle in December kinda crazy!
    The kids in the neighborhood took advantage of the day off to have fun and go sliding down the street here--looked like that happened in parts of Seattle too. Better sleds than cars :)
    Warm regards!

  3. crisp pix :-)
    guess who

  4. We had thunder snow in SE Nebraska in the early evening yesterday. Today, our schools are canceled because of icy streets. It came down as pellets, though, so didn't stick to the trees.

    Larry is thinking about trying to run a couple errands this afternoon. I am staying in. I am about a third of my way around the living room, removing things I don't want my almost year old grandson to have in his reach, and dusting the rest.

    I am cleaning out my mailbox while I eat my lunch, and of course getting sidetracked by clicking on people's blogs from their comments. Oh, I just heard the "ding" to tell me another email has arrived!

    You stay safe and warm, too.

  5. Pretty!!! It's so awesome to see your photos - my Mom lives in Seattle so it's a small way of getting to connect with her. She was talking just yesterday about how gorgeous the snow and ice crystals are.

  6. @'anonymous'--Hugs back to you! Thanks for stopping by.
    @Sue--thundersnow is a very odd occurrence, isn't it? What a coincidence that NE and WA were experiencing similar weather--bet that doesn't happen very often!

    I get sucked into the black hole of cyberspace even more often since I joined Blotanical, but that's a good thing!

    Hope your blog-hopping, commenting, emailing and baby-proofing went well on this snow-ice day!
    @Genevieve--I bet your mom is going to have some tales to tell once this 3rd round hits us tomorrow afternoon/night.
    Please feel free to email me at gardeners.roost(at)gmail(dot)com if you'd like additional info about the storm, etc. You know with the terrain here, one place can get tons of snow, and another will get a dusting, one place hurricane winds and another just a breeze. The local news usually keeps us informed on what's where when.
    Warm regards, Aerie-el

  7. The picture of the ice crystals is so pretty. We had thundersnow last year in Ohio and that was the first I had heard of it. I don't get around much :-)

  8. Lona,
    I'm curious what causes thundersnow to occur. I had only experienced it once before. That was during a white-knuckle-landing into the Denver airport, where it isn't that unusual, according to my friend who lives there. So I guess if you like thundersnow, that's the place to go. I'm good where I am, how 'bout you? :)

  9. The thunderstorm scared the heck out of me also. I experienced thunder snow when I was at grad school in St. Louis, 1995 I think!

  10. From what I've heard, St Louis is one place with some interesting weather. Though I think we'll be talking about this round of interesting weather storms, that don't seem to be stopping, in Seattle for while.
    Warm regards,


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