Sunday, June 28, 2009

Of Poppies and Peacocks

I've got a few poppies in the gardens here.
These are bright, happy California poppies.

Here are some photos of other poppies.

I think this one below looks like a crepe paper flower.

Here's one I call 'big red'. Can you see why?

This is 'big red's' seed pod.

Here's one seemingly looking at an unfamiliar bird on the lawn...

This beautiful male peacock arrived in the yard 3 days ago.
He disappears at night,
returning in the morning after we hear his wake-up call.
(Click on any of the pictures to see more detail.)

Here is 'Mr Pea-C' on our deck, having captured the cats' rapt attention.

'Are you lookin' at me?'

He yawned. The boredom, the runway walk,
I couldn't help but think of the Right Said Fred song.

Oh, yeah.

Peace! Out!

Till next time ~Aerie-el


  1. Everywhere I look I see poppies, of course that is everywhere but my garden...

  2. Poppies never do well for me. I will have to be happy admiring yours! Cool peacock!

  3. I like the orange poppies ...they are pretty in mass. I had some seeds for the double reds, forgot to plant them last fall.
    Love the cats watching the peacocks.

  4. How strange to see a peacock. I wonder where it came from?
    I love the poppies. I've got some of those big peony poppies, they're pretty amazing aren't they?

  5. Hi Aerie_el! What gorgeous poppies! It's one of my favorite plants, I just love them! That big red one is a masterpiece! The peacock?!! Did he escape a zoo? And he posed for you! Great post, thank you!

  6. Hi Aerie_l~~ I seem to go through cycles. When I began gardening, years ago. I loved poppies. As time went on I got bored. But in the past few years I've grown to love them again. Of course seeing your stunning pictures sure helps. How could a person NOT love poppies?

    Interesting visitor there. He's sure got beautiful coloring. I'm wondering if there is a shy spouse out there.

  7. A few Poppies? I see a lot more than a few!! Beautiful! Lovely visitor as well.

  8. Simply amazing flowers and your photos are divine. They are so colorful. I can't grow flowers like that here in the SF Bay's just too dry and there's not enough water. I guess that's one of the consolation prizes for living in the wet PNW: beautiful gardens and peacocks, too! Thanks for stopping by at my MM post.

  9. Aww I miss my California poppies! Yours are looking fabulous! And a peacock?!!!! Where did he come from? And yes the song so fits him! lol....

  10. nice poppys, i have loads of these in my garden too, they spread so fast.

  11. Your poppies are beautiful. I don't think I have enough sunshine, myself. I cannot believe you had a peacock visit! What an experience! :-)

  12. Beautiful poppies! I wonder why your peacock lost his tail? I know they loose them in the fall...only he knows! Brian

  13. I can't seem to grow poppies. I pulled the few I had out last year, but they came back this year, then died out without blooming.

    That peacock does not look like it came in peace! Those photos are awesome!


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