Monday, May 31, 2010

Red White and Blue Day

Thanks to all who have served, died,
and especially to those who serve
in harm's way today,
so we may enjoy
the freedom we have
every day.

~Wishing you a peaceful Memorial Day~


  1. Ahh Beautiful shots and sentiment. Well done. oh, and thank you :)

  2. Thanks for that profoundly beautiful post. Thanks for that journey through time.

  3. Ariel (spelling awry sorry !)
    As a Canadian it is a switch to see this post this time of year .. ours with the UK is November 11th.
    But you have done a wonderful post and your pictures are a profound touch .. so many lives lost .. and it still continues .. I am a military wife so I have been up close and in front of what an impact it makes.
    Joy : )
    Thanks for dropping by my blog girl : )

  4. Aerie_el, This is the most creative, contemplative tribute I've seen on the subject. Fabulous!

  5. Hy Aerie-el, this photo with the red flower (we call it "Tulpe") was amazing. That is great, I like it much.Fantastic angle you choose, I give you the note 1 with *. Michael from Northern Germany


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