Friday, May 21, 2010

Skywatch Friday - birds of a feather and a little weather

To begin, a backdrop of lovely sky blue sky...

I heard the crows before I saw them.
They were raising such a ruckus!
I knew there must be a bird of prey in the area
that they felt threatened by.
Sure enough, I snapped the picture above
of a large number of crows attacking a hawk.

National Wildlife Magazine, June/July 2010 issue
has a segment under 'news of the wild'
about how crows can recognize a face
for as many as 4 years later.
(I know some people who can't do that!)
Honeybees can also recognize one human face from another.
Bet they can remember where the good flower beds are too!

I took the next 3 pictures when I was in Massachusetts recently,
and saw more blue skies.

Above is a male ... goldfinch or is it a Baltimore oriole?
(Please click on any of the pictures to see them bigger.)
Click here for a link to Cornell Lab of Ornithology
information about orioles

What's your conclusion?
What's your child's conclusion?
Baltimore Oriole or American Goldfinch?

But the weather turned from blue skies
to shades of slate and charcoal,
which I found just as beautiful,
if not even more interesting than the blue skies.

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Have a great weekend!



  1. Interesting about crows. 4 years.. what a memory! Nice pictures! I love the colors in the last one.

  2. That's a really great set of photos. Thanks for the narrative, too.

  3. great photos...i love it when something exciting in nature happens right in front of your eyes..i can't imagine how load the crows must've been, just one is loud enough..sure wish i had their memory...i really like the last pic too...i've been taking a few lately right after the rain and they're quite dramatic.

    Blogger is not letting me comment thru wordpress, here is the link to my blog.

  4. That's amazing info about crows ... I recognize faces, but names constantly escape me!

    Don't real Orioles have a white filling? Oops ... I'm confused ... that's the baseball team in Baltimore -:)

    Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment today -:))

  5. You have clear eyes and freely heart like a bird.

  6. I vote on Baltimore Orioles, male and female. I know a few bees who have known me and I them! I also know many birds that know my husband and me.
    I think certain butterflies also :know" me!
    Bugs and birds are so smart!

  7. Holy Cow what a capture! Safety in numbers I guess. Love the last one as well. Interesting info too. Best be nice to crows.

  8. Wonderful photos you´ve taken. You live in the nature pure. I have to watch your blog often. I am excided to see indian summer this year - I will come over :-)



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