Friday, May 16, 2008


Interesting occurrences around here since the eaglets have hatched…

I was outside and heard the call of an osprey as it flew towards the eagle’s nest. I noticed one of the eagles was on the nest on high alert, sitting up tall, watching the scene unfold with eagle eyes. The other was nowhere to be seen, when in an incredible burst of speed, it appeared and flew after the osprey that was quickly closing on the nest. In just moments the bald eagle caught up to the osprey and began to fly directly at it, talons extended. After many minutes of aerobatic flying and fighting, the osprey surrendered defeat and flew off to greener pastures.

Another day I noticed the eagle sitting atop a tree, with a bird dive-bombing it and scolding it with non-stop chatter. Pardon the blurriness of these shots, but there was a lot of fast action happening and it was a distance a way.

More stories to tell…more pictures to share…until then…


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