Saturday, May 10, 2008


The Internet is like having a library to the whole world’s references available. But navigating it can sometimes be time-consuming, treacherous, and faulty. So having good reference books on hand to read are like visiting with tried, true, loyal friends. I thought I’d share some of my good gardening and birding ‘friends’ with you today.

Imagine a book with an image of a different bird colorfully displayed on each page. Then turn those pages, one-by-one each day, to discover and learn the name of a bird you hadn’t seen before. Living in a rural area has been like that. So having excellent birding books, full of wonderful pictures and illustrations, has been invaluable.

Sitting next to the binoculars next to the window are:
National Audubon Society’s ‘The Sibley Guide to Birds’
National Audubon Society’s ‘Field Guide to Birds; Western Region’
‘Birds of the West’
by Ernest S. Booth, PhD

Within reach of my gardening gloves are too many (books) to count, but the most dog-eared include:
Sunset’s ‘Western Garden Book’
‘Plants of the Pacific Northwest Coast’ by Pojar and MacKinnon
‘Landscaping for Wildlife in the Pacific Northwest’ by Russell Link
‘The Northwest Gardeners’ Resource Directory’
created by Stephanie Feeney, Debra Prinzing, Editor
and one of these two are indispensable:
The American Horticultural Society's 'A-Z Encyclopedia'
'Flora: The Gardener's Bible,' Chief Consultant, Sean Hogan

Last weekend I got my tomato plants (yay!) at the Master Gardener Plant Sale. Yesterday I went to the Lake Wilderness Arboretum Plant Sale. They had an incredible selection of native plants from which to choose. Although it was difficult, I was able to narrow down my purchases to just a handful. Of course there were a few good plants that needed a home as well that I couldn’t resist. They’ll either join other plants as ‘campers’ or end up in the ground or a nice container within the next month or so.

Signing off, until next time…


  1. Wow! What a great blog! I live near the Hood Canal in Quilcene. I'd love to subscribe to your posts - do you have an RSS link? I'm a fellow bird-a-holic and your eagle pictures take my breath away. Have a great day! Bonnie

  2. Bonnie ~ So glad you enjoyed the blog! As a new 'blogger', I'm still learning the ropes...and I have just added the RSS feed button on the blog.

    You must have a lot of unusual birds near the Hood Canal. It is a beautiful area!

    Thanks so much for stopping by!
    Happy Birding! ~Aerie-el


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