Saturday, May 3, 2008


With the growing season ramping up, I’m inspired to get outside, dig in the dirt and channel my creativity onto Mother Nature’s tableau. During the past 5 years living here, there have been hits, and there have been misses in my yard. Regardless of the long-term success of each, I have enjoyed transforming patches of grass (and weeds) into a woodland retreat, and cottage, border, Asian, and vegetable gardens.

Above is a picture of the first garden I put in. Because it is somewhat secluded, and the 'anchor' is the fallen tree log, I decided it should be deemed the 'Woodland garden' retreat.

Hot sun in the summertime nourishes these heat-loving, drought tolerant plants in one of the Border Gardens.

Sadly, after seeing the Asian garden flood with a few inches of water every winter, it was time to let it return to its native state.

When planning any garden, I allow the scenes themselves inspire me, but I also get many ideas from my favorite gardening magazines. If allowed only a handful of them, I would choose the Master Gardener Magazine, Organic Gardening, Garden Gate, and Fine Gardening.

Well, break’s over. Its time for me to head back to the garden and soak in some inspiration!

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