Thursday, February 26, 2009

Mt Rainier and Her Doppelganger

To anyone who lives in the Seattle area, you know we love our Mount Rainier. She dominates the horizon and is even a reference for our weather. For instance, you know it's a darn good day if 'the mountain is out' (that means it is clear enough to see Mount Rainier).

Of course when we moved to our little spot in paradise (Seattle area), we were smitten with the view we had of her. Hundreds of GB later, I had folders of pictures I had taken of every angle, form, and view of the majestic Mountain possible. So then imagine, if you will, one day I look outside and see not one, but TWO Mount Rainiers!

The cloud formation this particular day was something I hadn't seen before. On the left you see the real Mount Rainier in Washington State. To the right, you see what looks like another mountain, of a similar shape.
(click on the photos to enlarge)

But now, compare the photo below...

Only one mountain!
It's like magic...weird, wild, wacky weather magic.
How fun is that?!

Have a magical weekend, all!

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  1. That's awesome. Great that you caught that. Also great is the reflection in the water. Beautiful.

  2. But wait, there ARE two mountains in the second photo - one in the sky, and another in the lake! Gorgeous from every angle, when it's out. I even took bad road trip car photos of it last weekend when we were driving south on I-5! Any view of that mountain is a good one. Cool that you caught the "twin" before it went away!

  3. My husband was stationed at Ft. Lewis years ago before we were married. I got engaged on a trip out there from Virginia to see him. The day I got my ring, the skies cleared and I got my first view of Mt. Rainier! To celebrate we went up to Paradise. Beautiful part of the country! He almost couldn't drive back to VA for the wedding as that was when Mt. St. Helens blew.

  4. Lovely photos, Aerie-el! That must have looked awesome from up in an airplane, which is how I usually see it.

  5. I don't think I would've caught that. Good eye. I love that mountain. I can see it today, hope that means sun and not snow :)

  6. Love your Friday post!! The photos of Mt Ranier are truly magical. What an amazing sight especially in winter. I'll be back often!!

  7. I liked your smoke and mirrors trick a lot! The second photo was quite magical even without the magic.

  8. Aerie-el,
    Lovely photos. How lucky you were to capture the "twin" Ranier on camera!
    I love your name! Please take no offense but my little female herd dog is named Ariel and she is lovely- as I'm sure you are too!
    Thanks for sharing your glimpses of the mtn with us. The second shot is awesome with the reflection.

  9. What gorgeous shots. I just love the water tranquil and the way the sun is shining on Mt. Rainier - perfect. A long time ago I went camping on the Mountain. It was fun; we didn't try to make it to the top, just hung around just below the snow line. Thanks for stopping by my SWF post. Enjoy the weekend!

  10. The second is an absolutely spactacular photo. The Doppelganger looks almost as though it had been a lenticular cloud that has moved away from the mountain.

  11. Great pic! And so true; we love our Mt. Rainier!

  12. you are blessed. my view is a bit less amazing, however, growing up on a "good day" I could see blue mountain dip down at the Delaware Water Gap.

  13. How spooky :) What a beautiful mountain to gaze out on !

  14. I think I've said this before, but you sure live in a beautiful area! Awesome pics! I'm glad you like my spring ones from today. Thanks!

  15. We are so lucky to live in the beautiful PNW. we have so many photo opportunities. I never go anywhere without my camera.


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