Monday, February 9, 2009

Thoughts of Australia...

My post today was to be a celebration of it being my 100th post.
But I can't celebrate.
I can't take my mind off the devastation, horror, and tragedy of the fires burning in Australia, and what that means to the people, their pets,
and all the animals there.

I can't even imagine.
I can't imagine that a person would have set any of these fires. How could they?
How could this happen, on this scale?
Is it because of:
a. scorching weather
b. drought
c. dry bush
d. arson
e. all of the above
You know what? At this point I don't care what the reasons are.
For now, I just pray for those who are fighting the fires, that they can stop the burning, and that it happens before anyone or anything else dies or loses its home or habitat.
The world is a small place now and we're all neighbors.
Neighbors who care.
My thoughts and prayers are with you, Australia.



  1. It's so hard to imagine any human purposefully setting these fires. It just defies any kind of understanding.

    I'll join you in sending solemn good wishes to our friends down under. I hope they can get things under control fast; it just sounds like the worst nightmare.

  2. Hear hear. So terrible.

    You can celebrate your 101st post, how about? That's a pretty cool milestone, congrats.

  3. I know what you mean. It's almost speechless-making, the combination of rage, sorrow, horror and more rage that someone could have set these fires. We're all joined in thoughts and prayers for those living through this hell.

  4. My thoughts and prayers are with the Aussies too, especially since it's my country of birth.
    It's difficult to comprehend the horror these poor people are experiencing, and impossible to imagine a mind so evil that would start those devastating fires on purpose.
    I pray they'll get some good rains!

  5. Very sad to hear. I'll also join you on sending positive thoughts that no one else dies and they get those fires out quickly.

  6. The devastation of what's happened and the terror over what's next has got to be just horrible.

    Jamie in Sydney (Garden Amateur) posted that Sydney got rain recently so maybe things will cool down over where the fires are raging. I pray.

    I agree. We are a small world and Australians are our neighbors. Great post.

  7. It makes me stop and realize that bemoaning the fact that we still have so damned much snow is so 'trivial' and meaningless in the grander scheme of things. I imagine our Aussie friends would have loved the snow.... it may have stopped this mass destruction in its path! Thoughts to all who have been affected by this heart breaking tragedy!

  8. I prefer to think of preventing
    these fires than to stress what is lost.

    Just like many forest fires in the USA, it seems that people choose to
    live, built houses in fire prone areas.

    Just like living under levees,in Louisiana, left under water during Katrina.

    The worse, somewhat irrational behavior is to rebuilt, under such circumstances, with a high
    possibility of going through the same thing again and again.

    Natural combustion or arson, the
    results are the same. Human, nature loses.

  9. I do believe you can imagine it for your heart aches. Sit still, breathe, and imagine it. It will be far from fun, but your heart will be moved and reformed and then wait. You will respond to the sadness.


    Great 100th post.

  10. Kerri,
    Thankyou so much for your thoughts and well wishes. It truly is horrific here, the human loss is so overwhelming..It is comforting to know our global neighours are praying for us. Not all the fires were set by arsonists, although many have been...sad but true. Some were started by lightning strikes also, which is the case with the one that still threatens our home. Thankyou for your heartfelt post :)

  11. I feel such sadness for all the people who have been touched by this. It is such a stunning tragedy.

  12. Aerie-el,
    Just reading back through your comments and I realised I started mine by calling you Kerri. I'm sorry about that, It's been a very confusing time and I have been making lots of slip up's! Anyway, things seem to getting better here and the support of our fellow Australian's through donations has been overwhelmingly wonderful. We have had a fair bit of rain in my corner of the country so that has helped a great deal :)


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