Friday, May 8, 2009

Dedicated to Moms

Dedicated to Mothers who taught us everything we needed to know...

How to make meals palatable :)
Oh, and to 'slow down, and chew your food!'
(Click on any picture to see it bigger.)

How to relax...

The comfort of home...
(Where Mom Rabbit and bunnies were - click on the picture - see the fur?)...

The meaning of family, sticking together, and ultimately,
becoming independent...

HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY to two very special Moms!


  1. Hi Aerie-el, I knew you were going to show some baby eagles and couldn't make it over - had my grandsons all weekend keeping me busy.
    How beautiful - and how did you ever get those shots?
    Great post and thank you so much for stopping by.

  2. Very nice photos! Happy Mother's Day to you!

  3. Wonderful post, and happy Mothers Day. Or happy Sunday, whichever one is applicable :)

  4. Fantastic post Aerie-el. Hope you had a great day and enjoyed the sunshine.

  5. What great pictures! It's just amazing to see the mother eagle and her babies.

  6. Hi Aerie_el! What is that snake, do you know? We had snakes at the lake behind our previous house in Kansas City. One time, I almost stepped on the big one eating duck eggs. I don't even remember how I jumped out of there.

  7. RainGardener,
    The photos of the eagle's nest are taken with our camera mounted on a spotting scope. We're almost 1/2 mile away from the nest, so the photos are the best we can do from that distance with this scope. Plus they're taken thru the window glass so sometimes there is a little distortion, so it's great when I get a nice clear shot. :)

    Sheila, Gran, Gardeness,
    Thank you for your kind words!
    I had a great Mother's Day, and hope all of you did too!

    Catherine, thanks much. I think I spend more time looking thru the scopes at the eaglet's progress than anything else during the day (okay maybe that's an exaggeration ;)!

    Tatyana, Did you see the momma and baby snake in the picture? They were so cute, but the baby slithered off once it caught wind of me.
    Your experience - wow! I've never encountered anything like that!
    I think these are garter snakes. We have plenty of slugs to feed them all - LOL!

  8. Beautiful, Aerie-el! Quite a shot with the snakes. I love the Thyme plant label too!


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