Friday, May 22, 2009

Skywatch Friday on May 22, 2009

X marks the spot.
The rainbow/halo around the sun was really prominent that day.
For more information and pictures on why there are rainbows like this around the sun, moon, or in the sky, click here.

Here are a few photos of 'birds' in the sky, the big metal kind.

Mystery plane...almost looks like the Space Shuttle/Orbiter, doesn't it?
To see the latest at NASA, click here.

We usually don't see these big boys fly over us.

Here's one with some 'organic' birds flying near the trees.
(Click on any of the pictures to see them bigger.)

And away it goes...
closing another Skywatch Friday here.
Click here for more Skywatch Friday photos.


  1. I can never seem to get really good plane shots. These are great.

  2. So weird, that plane! Wonder what it was?! Funny about the X, that's a really cool shot. Happy SWF!

    PS Gilles wuz robbed!!! :)

  3. Those are some great shots! It is fun to see an unusual plane fly over isn't it? During Seafair the Blue Angels end up all the way up here.

  4. Very cool shots !!!

    When I was out at Animal Ark, the other day, I noticed X's in the sky made by the vapour trails of planes. They had combined to make a sort of trellis like effect. By the time I grabbed my camera they had faded somewhat..I love yours.. :-)

  5. have you heard about chemtrails, the X mark is one of the chemtrails. please read the link....


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