Friday, May 15, 2009

Garden Bloggers Bloom Day for May

I tried my hand at a Garden Bloggers Bloom Day for the first time recently. But I was rushed. I didn't do justice to recognizing the dear host of this wonderful theme. Carol, at May Dream Gardens, invites gardeners from around the globe to share what is blooming on the 15th of each month where they live. Thank you Carol for helping us to be positive even when the weather is brutal! And brutal it was for the Pacific Northwest of the U.S. this winter. However, as the seasons change, so it seems we have finally turned the corner on the worst of the wicked weather, and the plants are exploding with that celebration. Here are a few of those today...please click on any picture to see it bigger.

A wispy wisteria gently waves at the edge of the woodlands.

Trilium with epimedium blooms in background

Phormium with some sweet simple flowers

Solomon's Seal

A sea of Armeria with Lupine in background

Lovely Lilac


Chocolate Chip Ajuga

Barberry blooms

Inside the house - Various African Violets

All live in Zone 8a.
Check here for your USDA hardiness zone.
You can also check here for your Sunset Garden Zone.

Have a wonderful GBBD!


  1. I'm fond of visiting gardens in the PNW, where the zone is the same as mine, but the climate is very different.

    Happy Bloom Day, you have lots of fun plants.

  2. Lovely blooms! That bird is good looking, as well. Have a great weekend!

  3. Hi Ariel~~ My daughter was just commenting to me how difficult it is to photograph Bleeding Hearts. Your photo is beautiful with the curly cue tips. Love it. Love all your photos in fact.

    I'm thinking, maybe, finally we're finished with frosts. Do you think I should tempt fate and plant my tomatoes?

  4. Oh, Aerie_el, these blooms are just shouting: Spring is here! Spring is here! Your lilac is much ahead of mine. The columbine color is gorgeous. Can you collect some seeds, ple-ease! It looks like we'll have sun all the weekend, happy gardening to you!

  5. Beautiful photos. It is interesting that almost everything is in the purple/pink color range

  6. Beautiful pictures! Isn't it nice to have so many in bloom at once? Beautiful weather today too!!!

  7. Nell, that is interesting and surprising that GA is in Z8 too. I'm glad you stopped by today. Happy GBBD and a great weekend to you too!

    Sue, the bird, a western tanager, is a new visitor to the suet feeder this week. We have a few of them who arrived together and if we can only keep the starlings away, we might see them more often. grr.
    Happy weekend to you!

    Grace, thanks so much for the kind words about the photos :)
    I know what you mean about tempting fate by planting the tomatoes now...I actually took the plunge last weekend and put them in (big) pots along my south-facing wall. I covered them for protection during the crazy winds and rains, and they were fine and especially happy to feel the warmth of the sun today!! What sorts of tomatoes do you have? (I know, let's do a post on tomatoes!)
    Happy gardening!!

    Tatyana, yes, of course I will collect seeds from this columbine for you! We can 'talk' details via email or FB (I'm in the SAGBUTT group)...
    Have a great weekend!

    Emily, hmmm, yes, interesting observation! Guess this is the purple-pink season in my yard. The red, yellow, white, and other colors follow :)
    Happy gardening!

    Catherine, it is a gorgeous day and should be a great weekend for gardening--hooray. I bought plants for containers, so that will be my first order of business tomorrow. Then begins the tedious work of removing weeds and defining borders in various garden beds. It's all worth it though.
    Have a great weekend!

  8. Beautiful! It's finally spring, warming up a bit.

  9. Now our weather has finally warmed up, we should see some spectacular growth in our gardens.

  10. love your flowers! I've got a lot of the same, wisteria, lilac, ajuga, barberry (also blooming here), bleeding heart... love your pics, great photog work!

  11. Ariel,
    Lovely blooms for this month's Bloom Day! I have such a weakness for wisteria and lilacs! My lilacs are just about ready to put on their show. Thank you for sharing these wonderful photos!

  12. Love all your blooms, but also like the little bird at the top of the post...what a cutie!

  13. Beautiful hues in your garden. Love the blue/purple shades. And the bleeding hearts are gorgeous!

  14. Sheila, thanks very much :)

    Gran, yes, it's nice that we finally have something other than 'winter' now! Hope you have a great weekend!

    Jenn, you are so correct. I'm looking forward to the garden really waking up and coming alive now...well, that which survived the winter. Happy gardening!

    Muum, thank you for your kind words. I'm planning to bring a few of the lilacs inside to enjoy. Do you use any of the others for flower arrangements?
    Have a great weekend!

    Liisa, You are welcome, and thank you for stopping by! Happy GBBD and weekend!

    Janet, thanks for stopping by! Happy gardening!

    Kanak, Thank you! I've seen a lot of recent posts of white bleeding hearts and have them on my wish list of plants to get. I have a weak spot for bleeding hearts, fuchsias, brugmansia, anything with (I guess you'd call them) 'pendulating' flowers. Have a great weekend!

  15. Hmmm guess I'm late - been outside in this gorgeous weather. Your pictures are beautiful. Don't ya just love that Western Tanager? They come here during the summer too. That Columbine looks blue in your picture. Is it or is it purple - I've never seen a blue one. My purple monster Columbine is ready to open. It's 3 1/2 - around 4 feet tall I think.

  16. RainGardener,
    This is the first year I've put out suet, and the first year I've even seen the tanagers here. They are gorgeous.
    The columbine was advertised as 'blue' on the seed pack I purchased in Colorado, though it looks more purple to me. I'll be saving seeds, so if you'd like some, let me know (we can coordinate details via email or FB).
    I'm off to spend the rest of the beautiful weekend gardening outside :) Bet you are too! Have a good one.

  17. what a beautiful bird. Lilacs and wisteria blooms are always so pretty and smell so good.I see you have the chocolate chip ajuga. I think they are so pretty. You have so much starting to bloom now. Your violets are doing well and are lovely.
    How old is your wisteria vine? I am researching because mine still has never bloomed after eleven years.

  18. wonderful blooms. I have a trilium at school that just takes me back to plant ecology hikes as an undergrad.

    now, that bird takes me back to Oregon, I think??? If you have a chance can you pass on the name. It looks familiar.


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